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How does it work?

Step 1 Sign up for only $19.99 

Step 2 Refer 1 person within your first 7 days.

Step 3 Take a pic of a bill of your choice, email it to

us and we will pay it for you simple as that.

If you fail to refer 1 person within your first

7 days, as a consolation prize your first

 bill is still on us up to $50

What else do you need to know?

1. My Bill Assist is a Network Marketing Company.

2. We do not pay cash, we pay your bills directly but if you

are a overachiever and build a team that exceeds your monthly

bills with will pay you directly for the remaining balance each month.

3. To become a member the cost is $19.99 per month

4. After our intro offer of paying a $100.00 or $50.00 bill for you

you must refer new members to receive more billing credits.

5. You will receive a $2 billing credit per month for each member

you refer and each member your team refers up to 6 levels

This example below is for illustrative purposes only, meant to provide general knowledge of how our billing credits program works, Your actual billing credits experience may be very different from the example displayed.

If everyone refers 5 member example


Level 1 Monthly Billing Credits  $10

Level 2 Monthly Billing Credits $50

Level 3 Monthly Billing Credits $250

Level 4 Monthly Billing Credits $1,250

Level 5 Monthly Billing Credits $6,250

Level 6 Monthly Billing Credits $31,250

Total Monthly Billing Credits